Transylvania Long Weekend – Day 5: Back to Bucharest and Goodbye to Romania

This is a detailed post about the last day  of my Transylvania Long Weekend Tour with Explore!. (Read about Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4)

0700:  It’s the last day of our tour. Early start as we leave Casa Zada guest house and head back to Bucharest.

0715: One last stop for a photo of Bran castle, before we leave Transylvania.

Early Morning View of Bran Castle

1000: Arrive at the airport, to drop off those who are catching an early flight.

1030: A few of us have later flights, so we headed back to Hotel Minerva, who kindly agreed to hold our luggage for a few more hours.

It being a Monday, many of the tourist attractions are closed in Bucharest. One of the few that were open was the Village Museum, in the centre of Bucharest.  The village museum is an open-air museum located in the King Michael I Park, with over 270 traditional Romanian village houses.

1100: Walk to Village Museum.

From the Minerva hotel, the walk took abut 45 minutes. On the way, you go past the Museum of Natural History as well as the Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

Museum of Natural History
Museum of the Romanian Peasant

The walk took us through the beautiful Kiseleff Park, until we arrived at Bucharest’s very of Arc de Triomphe. The 26m granite structure was built in memory of WWI troops.

Bucharest Arc de Triomphe

The side entrance to the Village Museum is just after the Arc. However, upon arrival, we discovered that on Mondays and Tuesdays the museum operation is limited and the side entrances are closed. This meant another 15 minute walk to the main entrance of the museum.

Main entrance to the Village Museum

The museum costs 15 lei to enter. King Michael I Park on which the museum is house spreads over 100,000 square metres.

Map of Village Museum

The museum showcases many types of Romanian houses, all rebuilt as they were in their original location. Each house is accompanied by a board with information on their original location, structure and material used. Usually you can view the interior as well as the exterior of most houses, but when we visited most of the houses were closed.

Village Museum Exhibits

On site, there are many houses, from different periods, ranging from Thatched roofed houses to modern day houses.

Village Museum Exhibits

The park is not as large as it looks on the map, and 2-3 hours is sufficient if you are having a quick look around. You can spend a whole day here if you look at each house in detail. It is a great location to spend a day with a picnic. There is also a good onsite restaurant.

Village Museum Exhibits

1500: Back to hotel and taxi to airport. I got the chance to try Uber and it worked fine.  The Taxi to the airport cost 75 lei, which sounded a bit overpriced as we were told to expect the fare to be 40 to 50 lei.

Soon, I was on the plane, and as we were flying over the Carpathian mountains, it was time to say good bye to Romania.


This is the last of my detailed posts about my Transylvania adventure. I will be doing one more post about Things that Surprised me about Romania next week.

What are your thoughts about my Transylvania weekend trip? Have you been to Romania? Would you like to visit? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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