Souvenir Mugs

Like everyone else, I buy a souvenir on every trip. In the early days this was post cards, key rings and ornaments.  Postcards went in a box and never seen nor heard from again. Key rings went the same way. Ornaments would gather dust (and annoy my husband, to whom they were “tat”).

So, a few years ago, I started to buy mugs as my souvenirs.  As everyone knows, you can never have enough mugs, and very single one is in daily use. They are a great memento of the places I have visited and every cup of tea, coffee and hot chocolate becomes a trip down memory lane. With visitors it’s a great conversation starter.

Downsides of having mugs is that they break. (I buy only ceramic mugs). Oh well, nothing is permanent and if one of them does break, well, I’ have to visit the place again and buy another one and I’m definitely up for that 😉

This is my collection, linked to the blog posts (where I have one).

March 2017: Dublin, Ireland. Read about our Day in Dublin

January 2017: Belfast, Ireland. Read about out Brief Stay in Belfast

December 2016: London, England

December 2016: Tallinn, Estonia. Read about our Tallinn City Tour

December 2016: Helsinki, Finland, Read about our Walking Tour of Helsinki


May/June 2016: Canadian Rockies (Read about the road trip, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6). This is one of my favorite mugs to date – it changes colour when you fill it with a hot liquid.

May 2016: Juneau, Alaska, USA. (Read about our day in Juneau)

May 2016: Icy Strait Point Alaska. Read about our Icy Strait point Adventures.

May 2016: Ketchikan, Alaska. Read about our Misty Fjords Adventure in Ketchikan

May 2016: Vancouver, Canada.  Read about our Visit to Vancouver and the Grouse Mountain


March 2016: Seville, Spain. Ready about our 36 hours in Seville

March 2016: Granada, Spain, Ready about our 36 hours in Granada and Visit to the Alhambra

December 2015: Prague, Czech Republic. Read about our pre-Christmas Visit to Prague


July 2015: Chicago, Illinois, USA. Read about my visit to Chicago

May 2015: Switzerland. Read about my 96 hours in Switzerland


March 2015: Land’s End, Cornwall, England. Read about our 24 hours in Cornwall

August 2014: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon. Read about my 10 days on the US West Coast

January 2014: Reykjavik, Iceland. Read about our 72 hours in Iceland

June 2013: Washington DC, USA

June 2013: Niagara Falls, USA and Canada

August 2012: London Olympics, England


May 2012: New Brunswick, Canada

May 2012: New York, USA

March 2011: Cambridge & Boston, Massachusetts, USA